Five Strategies for Delivering a Standout Presentation

Five Strategies for Delivering a Standout Presentation

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Top tips for delivering a stand-out presentation; impress your colleagues, engage your audience & best articulate your best work.

Presentations make or break careers, and it's astonishing how many people get up in front of an audience without a plan. Presentation skills are the most important skillset for any professional because they can help you succeed in your career. In this blog post, we'll discuss five different strategies that will ensure you deliver a standout presentation every time!

  1. Is your presentation as concise as it could be?

If there's one thing the past year has taught us - people's attention spans have gotten short. So, in one sentence, if your audience could take away just one thing from the presentation - what would that be? Address this at the start & end of the presentation & Cross-reference that key takeaway with every slide. Does everything you cover contribute to the learning objective? If not, confirm if the information is crucial to the presentation.

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2. Remember names & deliver a personal presentation (if you can).

Is there anything memorable, personal, or unique about the group or individuals you're delivering the presentation to? If it's possible to address individuals by name, this can be a winner that exudes confidence. In addition, it shows you've actually put time into making the presentation for them!

3. Use visuals

Visuals are an easy way to make your presentation more memorable. Create a flip chart of some key points ahead of time, or bring in something related to the topicโ€”a photo from your company retreat, for example.

4. Don't read word for word!

You don't want to be reading word for word, but do have a good idea of what you will be talking about ahead of time. Making eye contact with your audience is one thing, but don't avoid looking at your paper or cue cards unless it is critical for you not to lose track of where you are up to in the presentation. Practice what you will say beforehand to know how much information you need and adapt easily if necessary.

5. Breathe!

Some people get nervous when speaking in front of an audience due to stage fright; others feel overwhelmed when thinking about all their work or schooling that led them to this point. Remembering to breathe (and maybe even using deep breathing techniques) can help ease anxiety and make sure your brain stays fluid enough for up questions/debate.

6. We also love the Headspace, 'Finding your Focus: meditations for exams and presentations' series - definitely worth checking out if you've got a big date coming up!

Good luck! You'll smash it!

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