Principal Product Engineer (UI Specialist)

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We are looking for a Principal Product Engineer (UI) to build and iterate on the core Chronicle creation and consumption experience. In the role, you will build a product that helps users create and deliver world-class presentations in a way that feels simple and buttery smooth!
Below is everything you need to know about us and the role.

✨ Meet Chronicle

Chronicle is a new presentation format that enables people to create impactful stories, effortlessly. With remote work, shortening attention spans, and the advent of generative AI, the world has changed. Chronicle is designing the presentation experience that the future deserves.
We’re not creating a better way to do slides or documents - we’re creating a powerful new medium that fundamentally reimagines the role of a creator and consumer of a presentation at work, empowering users to deliver beautiful and engaging output with less effort.
Here is a glimpse at how Chronicle is breaking away from static, boring slides and building the future of storytelling →

Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions on our website, linked here

🧶 About the role

The Principal Product Engineer role operates at the intersection of engineering and design to deliver an extremely high quality presentation experience to the world. In this role you will be working on the core product and will take end to end responsibility to ship key features that will be used by all of our users.
Core responsibilities of this role →
  1. Lead end to end feature delivery from start to finish, ensuring high quality and attention to detail
  1. Own the delivery of end to end experience, considering design, functional, interaction and performance
  1. Collaborate closely with product and engineering to align on requirements, design direction and scope.
  1. Oversee the Chronicle codebase, improving code quality and the engineering culture
  1. Deep dive on design problems, consider broader impacts define and implement solutions that align with architectural standards
  1. Contribute to thought leadership as a senior member of the Chronicle team by providing insights, feedback and direction
In addition to these core responsibilities, as a founding member you will contribute to the learning, development and culture-building of the company.

💪 Requirements

Must have →

  • Possess 6+ years of UI development experience, having contributed to a product's growth from inception to scale.
  • World-class product taste - an aligned and refined taste of what is good and bad when it comes to software
  • Proficient in all facets of CSS, with a keen understanding of when to utilise CSS over JavaScript for efficient design solutions
  • First principles problem-solving - ability to understand problems deeply, come up with elegant, simple solutions and take end-to-end ownership to bring these to life
  • Have extensive experience, intuition and expertise in implementing UI interaction patterns. This should be a core strength
  • Have a solid grasp of browser performance, with skills in debugging and optimisation for seamless performance
  • Ability to design and effectively implement application architecture solutions, including a solid understanding of various state management options.
  • Are comfortable picking up new stacks and choosing the right tool to get the job done
  • Passionate about your craft - enjoy obsessing over the tiny details

Great to have →

  • At least 1-2 years in a renowned software company - especially early in the career
  • Have experience in building creation tools
  • Made any open source contributions to frontend tools
  • A designer or have design experience
  • Have experience building Real-Time Collaboration (RTC) in a digital product
  • Have strong inclinations towards certain stacks/languages but are not ideologically tied to specific technologies; naturally curious and willing to take a step to learn something you don’t have experience in

🎉 Why join us

Everything starts with a story. But storytelling tools hold people back today. We are solving this big and interesting problem that will impact millions of users changing the way people craft and tell powerful stories every day. We are passionate to help anyone deliver presentations that are not just bearable, but enjoyable.
  • We are a design led company with an appreciation of great product taste. Think of it as joining the next Notion, Figma or Linear. We offer an opportunity to build the next big productivity tool with some of the smartest people in the space.
  • Chronicle is built on incredibly nuanced, high-quality insights about presentations. There might be other teams who can build products better than us - but nobody can make presentations like we do. That makes a huge difference in the long run.
  • In a world that chases vanity and capital, Chronicle is a refreshingly different take - a place where quality, attention to detail and craft take precedence over mindlessly rushing to build something.
  • We reject mindless and scrappy approaches to building. We do not settle. We solve problems from first principles. We are not influenced by startups, trends, frameworks. We want to build something timeless.
We enable ownership. From day 1 of your time at Chronicle you will have the opportunity to own, lead and contribute to the company in more ways than just your core role (more on this below)
  1. Lead medium to large features end to end → you will be given end to end responsibility to lead medium to large features along with product (founder led) and design team.
  1. Bringing craft into the execution → you will have plenty of opportunity to add your personality into how you bring a feature to life - especially in pouring love into micro-interactions and details.
  1. Learn new skills → whether you want to pick up a new tool or skillset or want to learn being a leader - we will invest in you
  1. Innovate → you will be a part of the founding team and will be encouraged to bring new ideas to the table to shape the product and leave your unique mark on it
  1. Build a culture → you will share your knowledge, mentor others and contribute to building a world class engineering culture at Chronicle. You will also be a part of our hiring process.
  1. Robustness and dependability → Improve performance and reliability of existing features, as we prepare to release them to the next batch of our users. For example, you would be working on decreasing the load time of Chronicle Editor or work on fixing an issue with image cropping. You would follow our modular design principles in architecting new blocks to make them backward compatible.
  • We work flexibly and do not believe in driving work through forced accountability. We try to hire only the best and give them the flexibility and space to do their life’s best work at Chronicle.
  • Chronicle is in a powerful position with plenty of runway required to build a world class product. We’re backed by some of the best and most respected investors in the world - Accel and SquarePeg. We are fortunate to have the right people on this journey with us who understand that this is a long-term bet
  • We offer competitive salaries, significant ESOPs and have open and transparent conversations about your compensation.

What the next 3-6-12 months look like?

Below are the core product design priorities. In addition to these, based on your interest you can always jump to drive initiatives around building and growing the design team and culture at Chronicle, improving product build process and more!
3 month priorities Work closely with the the core team to design and build a suite of widgets that enable effective content creation and impactful communication
  • Conceptualise and design widgets that utilise world class visual and information design
  • Design simple and seamless creation and editing experiences
  • Iterate based on internal and external learnings and insights
6 month priorities Focussing audience consumption and team collaboration experiences
  • Conceptualise and design our consumption experience that help audiences consume content in engaging and impactful ways
  • Design and test experiences that enable teams to collaborate, share and organise work effectively
  • Continue iterating on core creation and widget experiences with regular feedback from Beta users
12 month priorities
Work on with the wider team on broader challenges including Community, Integrations and Intelligence.