Vision, mission, and values

Vision, mission, and values



🔭 Chronicle's vision is to transform the future of work

We are undergoing tectonic shifts in the productivity space. The nature of work, the tools we use and our behaviours are rapidly changing. GenZ and millennials are entering the work force. The expectation is for work to be more efficient and enjoyable. Users expect faster tools that are delightful to use. At Chronicle, our vision is to build the future of work - fit for our current context, inclusive of everyone.

We want to start shaping the future of work by reimagining how stories are told. Traditional slide format presentations today are one of the most dominant forms of storytelling. However, these haven't changed structurally since they were invented in the 80s. The way we make presentations today is extremely time consuming, low on engagement and highly frustrating - it is up for a disruption. We are asking ourselves - if slides didn't exist, what would be the ideal, enjoyable storytelling experience for 2021?


🧭 Our mission is to reimagine how stories are told today

🏔️ Our core values define how we work


💪 Solve problems with passion and rigour

We are extremely passionate about our vision. As overused as the word is, nothing else better describes how we feel about shaping the future of work. We think passion combined with rigour is a magic recipe to move mountains. And as hard as building a new way to tell stories sounds, we know we have the right ingredients to get it done.
The distinction between rigour and complexity is extremely important to us. We don't look for superficial or artificially complicated solutions that show we have worked hard. We strive to find elegant solutions to hard problems. It often takes thinking from first principles, more effort and time to find simple solutions that just work - and we are okay with that.

🔥 Put rationale over ideology

At Chronicle, the sanctity of the debate is the most sacred thing for us. We love to work with people who are opinionated but are not married to their ideology. We constantly challenge our thinking and a well reasoned debate is how everything is solved at Chronicle. We engage in deep, strenuous discussion and delink our ego from the sides we choose in our debates - a challenge to your argument is not a challenge to you personally.
There are times when we need to take a judgement call or trust our gut - but we always put reason ahead of belief. We often challenge the status quo and approach everything with courage and humility. A phrase that sums it up the best is The Royal Society's motto "Nullius in Verba" - take nobody's word for it!

🤩 Settle for nothing less than awesome

We approach building a product with the same goal that we approach story telling - to wow our audience. At Chronicle, we want to build a world class product for our users. Our product needs to elicit an emotional response from our users. We cannot and won't settle for an average product that just exists. Chronicle is memorable. It leaves a lasting impression of wonder and excitement.
This does not mean we don't move fast, or compromise for speed over quality. We recognise how small iterations mount up to deliver a mind-blowing product eventually!

🙏 Take ownership

We feel strongly responsibility for our own pieces of work but also have a strong sense of overall ownership of the organisation. There is no place for "not-my-job" attitude within Chronicle. While there is a clear ownership and division of work, we strongly believe in doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Sometimes that means doing something outside of your comfort zone, and almost always means bringing a positive attitude and an executional approach to work.
We approach every day at Chronicle with the ethic of leaving a positive impact and leaving something better than we found it.
We want to work with people who believe in the future vision and are working together to make that a reality. We want to see you succeed along with Chronicle!

🧑‍🚀 Approach the adventure with optimism

We are at the start of something huge. We are trying to build a product that will impact millions of people. At this early stage in the journey, it is critical to think of everything that may go wrong, every risk that needs to be addressed. But it is far more important to take a step back, look at our ambitious vision of the world and ask ourselves, "How will we get there?"
We approach this adventure with optimism. We are bound to face lots of challenges on the way but as long as you believe in the vision, we will get there!