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A decade long affairwith presentations.A decade
long affair with presentations.

Mayuresh & Tejas story of creating Chronicle.


The story starts at with both Mayuresh and Tejas studying at IIT Bombay.

Mayuresh spent his evenings hosting workshops with 5-7 enthusiasts who were keen to learn his new found passion - design

At the end of each workshop he would get asked the same question each time...

Mayuresh was definitely doing something different.

Knowing this he would spend nights up, pulling together interactive presentation that were highly influenced by social media in its format.


Mayuresh scheduled his last workshop:
“How to make kickass presentations”





Instead of the usual 5-7 people,
300 lined up outside of his dorm

He ran it twice that day. These 600+ people included consultants, investment bankers, researchers even a few professors.

All with the same problem...

People were frustrated with the way they were telling stories.


Over the next 5 years at BCG Mayuresh found himself surrounded by presentations all over again and the question never stopped...

He tried solving this through templates, workshops and training people but none of it seemed to work.

Meanwhile, Tejas saw an opportunity to completely transform how stories are told for millions of people.


Over a year of testing showed them that the problem was much bigger and deeper than just redesigning Powerpoint...

The tools and formats were tedious due to so many choices.

Not only was it hard but it is way too easy to make crappy ones.

People just wanted


We believe in a future where presentations are not just pretty pictures & visuals. They are a powerful combination of:

  • Narrative

  • Information Design

  • Motion Design

  • Interactions

But not everyone has the time, patience or skills to do all of that. This is why we are building Chronicle.

We are on a mission to

Enable every team to make impactful presentations, effortlessly.

Yess, I want in! 🤘